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What Moisture Testing is really all about

What Moisture Testing is really all about

Here’s a truly short video that explains the two most common types of Moisture Test protocols. Leave us a comment on what you thought!  

How Do You Test for Moisture in Your Floors?


In our last post, we talked about having the ability to understand why moisture causes failures in your flooring projects. There are multiple ways for you to test whether or how much moisture might affect your finished floor. The simplest and most inexpensive way to see if you need to be concerned with moisture is […]

What Causes Moisture-Related Floor Failures?

Now THIS is a moisture problem!

Sometime around 1984, asbestos and solvents were banned from flooring materials and adhesives. Since then, moisture in slabs has become one of the most difficult issues facing facilities and specifiers that utilize non-breathable (vinyl or rubber) floors. Prior to the ban, the adhesives used for installing flooring products contained solvents, which when they evaporated or “off-gassed,” […]

How do Stiletto Heels Affect Your Resilient Floor?

Bliss-30 BlkPat

First of all, let’s just lay it out there. Spikeheels canbe hell on your floors. Not every pair – and not on every woman who wears them. But let’s look at some numbers: Let’s say we’re considering an average-sized person (at about 135 pounds), walking normally (and stopping periodically) in heels with a 1/4” round tip. […]

T-Commerce. Smart TVs. Who Knew?


T-Commerce. Smart TVs. Who knew? Advertisements on TV are going to take a radical new turn when H&M’s upcoming 30-second Super Bowl XLVIII ads with David Beckham will feature David’s Bodywear products that can be bought instantly with a viewer’s TV remote. Presented via DeliveryAgent’s t-commerce platform, H&M (according to DeliveryAgent) becomes the first retailer […]

Is Your Company Culture Important?


Culture.  Every company has it – and if a company’s leaders aren’t consciously and intentionally seeking to shape the culture of their organizations, you can be assured that culture will form on its own. So, just what is company culture? It’s what people sense when they interact with people; you might call it the personality […]

Are you an Infovore?


According to the Urban Dictionary, an Infovore is any person with a voracious appetite for information. What happens if you’re an infovore – and a Designer? Or what if you’re an infovore and a Purchasing Agent – or Facilities Director? Because there’s so much information available to you, its likely that your infotite (appetite for […]

FloorTECH Salutes JoS. A. Bank Clothiers and the Gary Sinise Foundation


  “Uniform of Success,” a promotion joint ventured with JoS. A. Bank Clothiers and the Gary Sinise Foundation celebrates our Veterans through the July 4th weekend! The tagline for the promotion is BUY 1-GET2-GIVE 1. “For more than 100 years, our customers have relied on us to dress them for success, and we want to […]

What Do Mona Lisa Fame and Great Business Have in Common?


Seth Godin talks about the importance of simply showing up. Again and again and again. It’s probably the best way to make sure your customers are aware of you. What made the Mona Lisa an icon – and thus so valuable (upwards of $80 million!)? It’s probably not the quality of the painting or the […]

No Waxing. No Staining. No Scratching. For Life.

Mipolam Symbioz

Some months ago, we mentioned Gerflor’s product, Mipolam Symbioz in our Bio-Based Tile post. What we didn’t effectively highlight is the “green” component inherent in the maintenance characteristics of this amazing material. A quick review: Symbioz, a 2-meter wide sheet vinyl, can and should be used in any high traffic area, but particularly in Healthcare, Senior Living […]

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