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Silver might be the new Blonde . . . ...

Click here for an ANIMATED version of this post!             The front page of our website says, “Healthcare. Acute or Sr. Living; we all participate in it and with the Boomers ‘coming of age,’ the market is gargantuan – and we’re ready for it!” Here are a handful of facts (from ImmersionActive.com) [...]

How to Keep Store-Opening Day Sacred

How to Keep Store-Opening Day Sacred
It’s the day every store opening coordinator, construction manager and store manager lives for. It’s finally the day you get to show the world just how good you really are! And then . . . Two Options. What are they?

What Moisture Testing is really all a...

What Moisture Testing is really all about
Here’s a truly short video that explains the two most common types of Moisture Test protocols. Leave us a comment on what you thought!   Now THIS is a moisture problem! Typical Vinyl Floor Failure From Moisture

How Do You Test for Moisture in Your ...

In our last post, we talked about having the ability to understand why moisture causes failures in your flooring projects. There are multiple ways for you to test whether or how much moisture might affect your finished floor. The simplest and most inexpensive way to see if you need to be concerned with moisture is to conduct what we call a “M [...]