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Happy New Year! Or is it?

Happy New Year! Or is it?
photo courtesy of hmswarrantyrealestateblog.com Happy New Year! Still? It’s always with mixed emotions that we enter a new year, right? On one hand, it’s exciting to start fresh; you know the cliche, “clear the decks and begin with a clean slate.” The only thing is… the slate is never really clean. There’s always a bit of last year’s ju [...]

Is Your Company Culture Important?

Culture.  Every company has it – and if a company’s leaders aren’t consciously and intentionally seeking to shape the culture of their organizations, you can be assured that culture will form on its own. So, just what is company culture? It’s what people sense when they interact with people; you might call it the personality of a [...]

Are you an Infovore?

According to the Urban Dictionary, an Infovore is any person with a voracious appetite for information. What happens if you’re an infovore – and a Designer? Or what if you’re an infovore and a Purchasing Agent – or Facilities Director? Because there’s so much information available to you, its likely that your infotite (appetite fo [...]

FloorTECH Salutes JoS. A. Bank Clothi...

  “Uniform of Success,” a promotion joint ventured with JoS. A. Bank Clothiers and the Gary Sinise Foundation celebrates our Veterans through the July 4th weekend! The tagline for the promotion is BUY 1-GET2-GIVE 1. “For more than 100 years, our customers have relied on us to dress them for success, and we want to make returning veterans [...]