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How to Keep Store-Opening Day Sacred

How to Keep Store-Opening Day Sacred
It’s the day every store opening coordinator, construction manager and store manager lives for. It’s finally the day you get to show the world just how good you really are! And then . . . Two Options. What are they?

How Do You Test for Moisture in Your ...

In our last post, we talked about having the ability to understand why moisture causes failures in your flooring projects. There are multiple ways for you to test whether or how much moisture might affect your finished floor. The simplest and most inexpensive way to see if you need to be concerned with moisture is to conduct what we call a “M [...]

What Causes Moisture-Related Floor Fa...

Now THIS is a moisture problem! Sometime around 1984, asbestos and solvents were banned from flooring materials and adhesives. Since then, moisture in slabs has become one of the most difficult issues facing facilities and specifiers that utilize non-breathable (vinyl or rubber) floors. Prior to the ban, the adhesives used for installing floo [...]

T-Commerce. Smart TVs. Who Knew?

T-Commerce. Smart TVs. Who knew? Advertisements on TV are going to take a radical new turn when H&M’s upcoming 30-second Super Bowl XLVIII ads with David Beckham will feature David’s Bodywear products that can be bought instantly with a viewer’s TV remote. Presented via DeliveryAgent’s t-commerce platform, H&M (according to DeliveryA [...]