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Is Your Company Culture Important?

CultureCulture.  Every company has it – and if a company’s leaders aren’t consciously and intentionally seeking to shape the culture of their organizations, you can be assured that culture will form on its own.

So, just what is company culture? It’s what people sense when they interact with people; you might call it the personality of a company, and different cultures will evoke distinct responses as customers and vendors have contact with the company’s representatives. An academic definition (lifted from a 4/24/12 article from Chippewa Valley Technical College) is that workplace culture consists of the shared values and behavioral norms (what employees perceive as acceptable behavior) that impact how employees interact with [leadership], each other and customers. You see a company’s culture in a myriad of ways, including how people within the company talk, how they dress, how well (or not) facilities are maintained, to whom they defer for leadership and the processes in place to resolve conflict. You can also see a company’s culture reflected in the social media buzz about the company or its people (that is, IF the marketplace is saying anything).

Is it important for leaders to focus on culture? You bet! When a company or organization is “firing on all cylinders,” the culture resolves into an attractive and success-generating workplace. Occasionally though, it can morph into a toxic environment, leading to employee unrest, turnover and loss of customers and profits. You see this where employees are “in it for me,” living in a self-focused, protective, myopic “not my job” world.

There’s now a mountain of data linking healthy culture to healthy profits. The most successful companies, almost without exception, intentionally sculpt a culture that employees find attractive and from which they are loathe to leave. If you want more information on what matters to your employees, check out Inc. Magazine’s recent piece on workplace culture, and start (or improve) the culture-shaping process for your organization!

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