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T-Commerce. Smart TVs. Who Knew?


T-Commerce. Smart TVs. Who knew?

Advertisements on TV are going to take a radical new turn when H&M’s upcoming 30-second Super Bowl XLVIII ads with David Beckham will feature David’s Bodywear products that can be bought instantly with a viewer’s TV remote. Presented via DeliveryAgent’s t-commerce platform, H&M (according to DeliveryAgent) becomes the first retailer to launch a fully enabled t-commerce advertising campaign.

For now, this purchasing option will be available only to owners of 2012 and 2013 Samsung Smart TVs. But it won’t be long before the technology becomes widespread and available. Clearly, this is a giant step for the hyper-connected consuming world!

Consumers might be asking whether this is a positive development – but retailers and broadcasters are already scrambling to play. Because recorded TV shows and “fast-forwarding” through the commercials have compromised the value of a commercial’s air time, this might just prove to be an inducement to watch again, and might even ratchet up Broadcaster’s ad revenues.

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