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What Moisture Testing is really all a...

What Moisture Testing is really all about
Here’s a truly short video that explains the two most common types of Moisture Test protocols. Leave us a comment on what you thought!   Now THIS is a moisture problem! Typical Vinyl Floor Failure From Moisture

The Internet of Things

  Its coming! But what exactly is it? It might be called the age of ubiquitous computing; or layers of digital connectivity that integrate current systems with the “things” that inhabit them, where each item (the thing) is completely traceable. Radio frequency identification tags (RFID) are becoming more and more utilized. The minute ch [...]

FloorTech Celebrates and Plays in Set...

Today’s message – in 140 words – is in honor of Seth Godin’s First Ever Icarus Session, happening today throughout the Nation! This is our Art: We are Commercial Floorcovering Contractors. We specialize in Retail, Education and Healthcare environments. We know how to work safely around students, patients and our elders. We provide and install [...]