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Who do you call? FloorTech Group!

Who do you call? FloorTech Group!
      Flooring Contractors. You need one for every new building or remodel effort. Probably not the sexiest of professions, and maybe one you haven’t given much thought to. Nonetheless, flooring contractors are generally the last trade in – and hold that final key to dramatically impact the look and feel of your finished [...]

What Moisture Testing is really all a...

What Moisture Testing is really all about
Here’s a truly short video that explains the two most common types of Moisture Test protocols. Leave us a comment on what you thought!   Now THIS is a moisture problem! Typical Vinyl Floor Failure From Moisture

T-Commerce. Smart TVs. Who Knew?

T-Commerce. Smart TVs. Who knew? Advertisements on TV are going to take a radical new turn when H&M’s upcoming 30-second Super Bowl XLVIII ads with David Beckham will feature David’s Bodywear products that can be bought instantly with a viewer’s TV remote. Presented via DeliveryAgent’s t-commerce platform, H&M (according to DeliveryA [...]

Is Your Company Culture Important?

Culture.  Every company has it – and if a company’s leaders aren’t consciously and intentionally seeking to shape the culture of their organizations, you can be assured that culture will form on its own. So, just what is company culture? It’s what people sense when they interact with people; you might call it the personality of a [...]