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The Internet of Things


RFID chip

Its coming! But what exactly is it? It might be called the age of ubiquitous computing; or layers of digital connectivity that integrate current systems with the “things” that inhabit them, where each item (the thing) is completely traceable.

Radio frequency identification tags (RFID) are becoming more and more utilized. The minute chips that identify stuff for their owners are being produced by the billion. RFID is a technology that holds incredible promise for retailers in every market segment.  Not only will “the internet of things” make in-store security more effective, utilization of wireless technology in the form of contactless payment can potentially increase your sales; in a 2010 CBCNews article, a MasterCard exec said utilization of contactless cards resulted in a 25% increase in card usage . . . Does this mean you might expect a 25% increase in sales from users of the cards in your establishments? What if you chose to offer your own contactless cards?

With smartphone accessibility and EFT within the grasp of every smartphone user, our business is definitely going to change . . . for the better!

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