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What Crazy-Good Customer Service Looks Like

square_louped_PMX_685i_sports_01_sq_sennheiserIf you don’t know Sennheiser yet, it probably won’t be long before you do. Some months ago I searched for a set of headphones that would withstand the (literal) deluge of sweat with which I bathe them, as I walk or jog my daily 3-6 miles.  I settled on Sennheiser’s sport headphones, which are designed so that they don’t fall out when you run, are comfortable in your ears, still sound good when wet, and can be rinsed in tap water to clean them. If you’re interested in the headphones, here’s the link to their site. But that’s not what this is all about.

In my clumsiness, I had somehow lost the two foam earbud covers that came with the headphones. Finding them in the pretty-easy-to-navigate online support page, I began the order process, but stopped when I got to the “Review your order” page, incensed that there was a $10 shipping fee for a $2.71 item that probably weighed less than an ounce.   I navigated to the “Contact” page and wrote an ungracious complaint about what I thought was an inappropriate charge for an annoying-when-it’s-missing part on headphones I was otherwise pretty happy with. This was Saturday, April 27th. The next day – Sunday the 28th –  an email showed up from GBeebe@sennheiserusa.com. Here’s the text of the email:

“Hello Mr. Gregory, Thank you for the email and kind words. My colleague Mike Lieske, our Director of Operations will contact you on Monday to present shipping options for your consideration. Thank you for the support of our brand.

Kind regards, Greg Beebe, President
Sennheiser Electronic Corporation”

Seriously? From the President of Sennheiser? Responding to me personally, the next day . . . on a Sunday no less? True to his promise, on Monday the 29th I received an email from Mike Lieske proposing a wonderful solution to my frustration. He provided me with a discount code for free shipping and asked if I had already placed the order so he could apply the discount.

This is what customer service looks like! This is the kind of customer service we aspire to at FloorTech Group. Try us and see if we measure up . . . and try those headphones.

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