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Mipolam Symbioz

Some months ago, we mentioned Gerflor’s product, Mipolam Symbioz in our Bio-Based Tile post. What we didn’t effectively highlight is the “green” component inherent in the maintenance characteristics of this amazing material.

A quick review:

Symbioz, a 2-meter wide sheet vinyl, can and should be used in any high traffic area, but particularly in Healthcare, Senior Living and Retail environments.

    • Symbioz is constructed from a 100% bio-based plasticizer – and includes an unbelievable 75% overall composition of renewable and sustainable components.
    • 2mm thick (equivalent to standard 1/8 gauge), like most all of the homogeneous commercial sheet vinyl products available, Symbioz is the lightest (by weight) product on the market – and thus, should incur the lowest transit costs, which contributes to a smaller environmental footprint.

Here’s the key to today’s message: if you use hard surface flooring, EVERCARE is a permanent treatment process you need to be aware of. With EVERCARE  Gerflor is leaving all the other manufacturers scrambling to catch up to this amazing innovation. Can you imagine the environmental implications, not to mention the financial ROI? Consider:

  • No waxing. For life.
  • No staining. For life.
  • No scratching. For life.
  • It’s less expensive than what you’re probably using now.

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