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3 Simple Steps to Succesful Subcontractor Relationships

  1. Pick a company you know and trust – that has a track record of success and is financially capable of doing the work you’re requesting.

You actually have to do a bit of homework here. Imagine a subcontractor that actually does what they say they will, follows specifications and delivers a project on time, within budget, and for which you as a Contractor or Owner can be proud? If you’ve been involved in performance contracting for any time at all, you have undoubtedly been told one thing and had a different “product” delivered. It actually happens all the time – especially when you’re required by an Owner to take the low bid.
And by the way, just what does LOW BID really mean? Is it simply the lowest dollar amount at the bottom of the Proposal? You know that isn’t the answer. What might make more sense is to focus on the lowest RESPONSIBLE bidder.

2. Expect issues to arise in the course of the project and trust your subcontractor to deal honorably with you (especially since you’ve successfully negotiated Step 1).

Construction is certainly not rocket science, and as good as your construction documents might be, there are always discrepancies that need to be addressed. Site conditions always present challenges as well. When you have a responsible subcontractor, you won’t be gouged on change orders; instead, your sub will deal with integrity and fairness to both parties.

3. If you’re a GC, treat your subcontractor relationships with care.

Pay your bills when they’re due. Slow or late payments to your subs will affect the quotes you receive from them. It costs to borrow money and it isn’t right or fair to “borrow” from your subs by paying them slowly. The end result will be a churn of subcontractors and a predictable loss of quality.

When it comes to floor covering, FloorTech is a different breed; we’ve been around for 60 years now and continue to build a library of successfully completed projects. For instance, we just completed a 100,000 square foot project for the County of Los Angeles that took about 40 nights to complete. This was a “lift” job, where we lifted the systems furniture, removed the existing carpet, installed the new carpet, and restored the systems furniture to its place. Can you imagine that job being done with no complaints? We did it!

We’d love an opportunity to work with you on any project in the Western States. Please call 714-998-8881 at your convenience to discuss your upcoming project!

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