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In 1956, FloorTech (then called Bert the Dutchman) was one of the premier installation houses for retail stores like Sears and JC Penneys. We were primarily a labor house and rarely provided materials. Over the years, that focus on installation only of materials sold in a retail environment has dramatically shifted.

Today, FloorTech Group is a full-service commercial flooring contractor with in-house labor, in-house digital estimating capabilities and relationships with all major flooring products manufacturers. We supply and install materials throughout the country.

In the retail environment, here’s what you can expect from FloorTech:


We’ll never keep you from meeting your Store-Opening date(s). Armed with the appropriate information, we’ll insure that you have the proper amount of materials and labor on site for installation when required.


When we supply materials for your locations, we will insure that you always have the right quantity of flooring available for whatever size rollout you have on the books. When necessary, we’ll even inventory your materials and ship to upcoming projects.


Because we’re experts at quantifying flooring requirements, you can be sure you will have exactly the right amount of product for your floors, for every location. Too often, staffers who aren’t familiar with flooring will order dramatically more product than you actually need, “just to be sure.” Not with FloorTech; you order and pay for only what you truly need.


We’re also experts at expediting flooring products to your new store sites. We understand lead times, shipping lanes and freight; if you choose to trust us with your floors, we will never allow you to be short of material for an opening date.

  • SAFE

You’ll never have to worry about moisture causing a floor to fail again. We can warrant every floor to be safe from delamination or disbonding due to moisture.

We make these promises to you on every job, every time. All we need from you is the appropriate information up front – and we know the right questions to ask to be sure we protect both you and FloorTech! In the case of moisture issues, we’ll test for moisture and fix it when required, making that one less thing you have to think about. Let us help make your store expansions and renovations simpler – at least in this one important arena.

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Here are a handful of stores for whom we’ve done successful installations

Barneys of new york logo Pac Sun logo 220 x 140 Lorna Jane logo 239 x 100 jax (200 x 200) Frys Logo 300 x 300 Fresh & Easy logo 200 x 117 Brighton Collectibles logo

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