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Who do you call? FloorTech Group!

Who do you call? FloorTech Group!
      Flooring Contractors. You need one for every new building or remodel effort. Probably not the sexiest of professions, and maybe one you haven’t given much thought to. Nonetheless, flooring contractors are generally the last trade in – and hold that final key to dramatically impact the look and feel of your finished [...]

No Waxing. No Staining. No Scratching...

Some months ago, we mentioned Gerflor’s product, Mipolam Symbioz in our Bio-Based Tile post. What we didn’t effectively highlight is the “green” component inherent in the maintenance characteristics of this amazing material. A quick review: Symbioz, a 2-meter wide sheet vinyl, can and should be used in any high traffic area, but partic [...]